Skillful juggling!

Amazing stilt dancing!

Elegant or acrobatic aerial acts!

And a towering rola bola finale you have to see to believe…

Let Templeton Variety liven up your next event.

Mike Templeton’s family favorite juggling show honed on the streets of San Francisco and polished on international tours is known for leaving adults clapping, kids giggling on the floor, housewives quivering, and corporate clients cheering!

Crystal balls dance in his hands, up and down his arms, and around his body in a fluid form known as Contact Juggling. The effect is mesmerizing, as clear acrylic balls appear to float weightless, stuck to his very skin, before flying over a shoulder only to return to the back of an upturned hand. A definite crowd-pleaser, this spell-binding skill is in demand booked as ambient entertainment for parties of 300 guests or more, or as a five minute number transitioning from one to five balls.

Balanced on top of two layers of steel buckets stacked between boards teetering on 6” pipe set atop a trunk, Templeton finishes high above the rest in his death defying rola bola juggling act. Children gasp and parents stare in disbelief as he climbs an audience volunteer to his precarious perch five feet in the air. With a plunger, machete and a bouquet of roses (flaming torches also available), Templeton astounds your guests juggling atop the rola bola to the applause of the entire audience!

With a wardrobe full of six foot slacks and skirts, Templeton Variety can costume stilt dancers to suit any event. Chosen for abilities above and beyond merely stilt walking, our stilt dancers can kick, twirl, and groove like you’ve never seen before.

For the most variety in Circus arts for your occasion, Mike Templeton has partnered with acrobats, contortionists, aerialists, and even a 6’ bear on roller skates for your event!

We custom tailor each and every show to suit the audience, large or small, to leave your guests amazed and cheering. From a fifteen or thirty minute family oriented solo juggling and rola bola show to ambient characters, stilt dancers, and aerialists for large scale corporate events, we make your event stand out!

We provide everything it takes to make your event a success, from lighting and sound packages to custom staging and rigging services in addition to amazing artistry. Larger events requiring rental goods are easily arranged through our partnerships within the events industry.

We go above and beyond to ensure your gala, private event or festival is left laughing…This is Templeton Variety.

IATSE, Tomcat, CM, and Crosby training certificates available on request.

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