Festivals/ Parades

We have packages for most every festival, including multiple stiltwalkers to greet at the gate and stroll the grounds and circle style circus shows to full stage production and management including AV, staging, and rigging services.

Los Posados, San Francisco – custom stilt characters, Three Wise Men

Harmony Festival – Circo Romani and Mike Templeton alternating shows in our Circus pavillion- custom backdrop and staging, audio support turned a blacktop square into a variety stage seating 100

Key Points:

* Provides solo stage entertainment, visual festival characters, and custom group acts designed for your event. One man shows, theme specific dancers and characters, specialty musicians hired in to suit your theme

* Themed event planning services- lighting, rigging, scenic and decor

* Available for local or national, on-off or touring bookings

* Packs small, plays big.

* Professionally insured and available! Please inquire regarding your event today.

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