Kate McGlynn, owner of Warrior Girl LLC, along with her partners in San Francisco, formed the Aerial Action Team, a group of circus performers, pranksters, and daredevils.  Warrior Girl LLC is working with the Aerial Action Team to perform a bungee performance during the half-time show of the NFL Pro-Bowl.

Mike Templeton, who has performed in Japan, Italy, and across the States (a local icon in San Francisco) is joining the Aerial Action Team in Hawaii as a rigger and performer. Mike designed the mobile rig for the performance as well as 3D models and renderings. He has been involved with the Aerial Action Team and Warrior Girl since 1996.

Warrior Girl and John Law co-founded the Aerial Action Team in 1996 in San Francisco. Warrior Girl, who hailed from the Detroit Area, decided one day to perform her first solo aerial show with a 16 foot spiderweb, and a crane at SOMA Gallery in SF for the Burning Man Arts Festival Fundraiser. John Law, who hails from Big Rapids, MI; and is one of the founders of the Burning Man Arts Festival in the Nevada Desert,  saw Warrior Girl’s performance and approached her to work together to create an exciting troupe of performers who force the audience to look in a different way at performance art, UP!!

The Aerial Action Team has performed all around the world, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Berlin, for groups like The Grateful Dead, the Merry Pranksters, 3-d painter Skee Goodheart, and now the NFL.

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